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Every woman has had a bra fitting horror story or issue at least once in their lives. Below are some common and frustrating issues and some tips to correct them.

The front of my bra does not lay flat against my body

If the front of your bra lifts away from your body it may be due to a few things.

One reason may be if the bra cup size is too big.  In this case you will want to size down in the cup. For example, if you are wearing a 34D and the cups are too big try the same bra in a 34C.

Another reason could be due to having fuller breasts, which prevent the center panel from lying up against your breast bone. This will be more prominent if the band size is too large.  The solution would be to consider a different bra style that will be better suited for your breast size and shape.

My bra band rides up my back

There are three basic reasons why your bra band will ride up your back.

1. You may be adjusting your bra straps too tightly, thereby making the band ride up.

2. The band is too big. The band should fit snug against you rib cage.

3. Your bra is too old and the elastic has stretched out. In this case, you will want to buy a new bra in the correct size.

My underwire bra is killing me!

An underwire bra that does not fit properly is uncomfortable and unflattering. To ensure that an underwire bra sits comfortably around your ribcage, you must have the proper measurement of your "band size".

After you have been properly fitted with the right bra size, you want to adjust your breasts so all the breast tissue is inside of the cup and your nipples are in the middle of the cups. After all of this, if the underwire is still uncomfortable, it may be due to a high rib cage. If this is the case, you should opt for a soft cup bra, or a bra without an underwire.

Fitting issues not quite related to the bras

Sagging breasts? If your breasts look low and unsupported in your bra, your bra is most likely "dead"...meaning your bra is too old!! Dump it!! Bras last only six to nine month, depending on your breast size and how you wash and store them. In a properly fitted bra, your breasts should look lifted, upright and perky, no matter what your age. If a bra doesn't give you this look, then it's time for a visit to Giē Giē!

Bra Tips
Gie Gie Lingerie & Breast Care
The Perfect Fit

The Proper Support:
Find the midpoint between your shoulder and elbow your nipples should be perpendicular to this point. If yours are lower try adjusting the straps or a different style bra.

The Proper Band fit:
1. The band should be level with the front of the bra.
2. The band should fit snug, not so tight you canít fit a finger underneath and not too loose that your breasts fall through the bottom.

The Proper Cup Fit:
Your breasts should fill both the top and bottom portion of the bra. No spillage or gapping in the cup.